I have used a lot of products. Mixed Chicks, Curly Q's, DevaCurl, and we're still experimenting. While I like certain things about each of these lines, I recently got to try Blended Cutie Down & Out styles and I was amazed! This is *the* best product for defining my daughters curls. Read full review

- NikG of BeadsBraidsBeyond

I have been purchasing Blended Beauty products for my two little nieces for about two years now. They are now 3 and 5 years of age. I have it shipped right to their home, and the mother loves it!! I continue to order as I want my nieces to have the best products, and this is it for them!!! The mother can't be without it, so when she runs out, I reorder. Stacy is wonderful to work with, and has given me great advice as what products I should be purchasing for them. She knows her products I should buy that works well for their hair, and how they should be used. I researched for this site, and so glad I found it!! Thank you Blended Beauty!!

- Bonnie

I am so excited to have stumbled upon Blended Beauty! I actually placed an order with curlmart for (#####) products last year, and at the time CurlMart was offering a promo, where one full-sized product was given free with all orders. I received the Curl Styling Lotion for free in the package, and because I had never really heard of Blended Beauty, I let it sit in the cabinet for like two months. Well, after finding out that the (#####) products were my hair's worst enemy, I had no other choice but to try the Blended Beauty as a last minute styler. OH MY GOODNESS, once I used it, I fell in love immediately!!!!!!!!!! I have since ordered some 2 bottles of Curl Styling Lotion from BB, and 3 more from a vendor. Your products are now my Staples, and I refuse to use anything else on my 3b/3c curls. Once I run out of the shampoo's and conditioner's that I am currently using, I will replace them with Blended Beauty as well!!!!! I just love, love, love Blended Beauty!

- Trice

I absolutely love the BB Jelly Cream, it holds moisture like no other. I use it as a leave-in after washing my hair and I get plenty of compliments! Works perfect. I also love the Soy Cream Shampoo. It doesn't leave my hair dry after rinsing out and smells good too. These are my staples

- Sheri

Love LOVE love the products. I have a six year old daughter and we both love the smell as well. Not over powering. Keeps her hair healthy and beautiful.

- Melissa

I think I've tried everything imaginable for dry, frizzy, curly hair. My daughter's hair is silky, fine and coily. The strangest combination ever. I tried Mixed Chicks, Mrs. Jessies, Shea Butter Organics... Anything that says curl, we've tried it. No matter what I use I always start dreaming of the Curly Cake Shake. It's like magic in a bottle! Not to mention all the other products you offer which cuts down my time and effort to get my daughter the most manageable styles. I just placed a large order today. I've never felt so relieved in my life. i can't wait to see your products on the shelves here in DC/MD. I will never panic when I run out and make the mistake of trying something else. You make clueless mom's feel like they have the answer!

- Destiny

Dear Blended Beauty,

Just a quick note to commend the outstanding customer support service provided to me by your staff recently.

I had emailed Blended Beauty because I wanted to reorder your products, but I had forgotten the details of my previous order.

Blended Beauty customer support staff responded to my email within the hour and guided me on how to reorder, based on the records of my personal profile that they had on file from my previous purchase. I was able to place my new order, all from my Blackberry and my Blended Beauty products were delivered in just two days later.

Like many people, I make many purchases over the internet, however, I have never had a product delivered so quickly and my daughter did not believe me when I handed her the parcel. She truly believed that I was joking.......until she opened that package She could not believe that the package was delivered so quickly.

In closing, we have tried many other products and none are of the quality and performance of Blended Beauty....The Blended Beauty Products we use are well worth the money and we have given up on trying other manufacturers......Your products are far superior.

Thank you and your entire staff, from those who handled my email queries, to those working the warehouse and shipping and to those involved in formulating your wonderful products.

- Ed

I would like to say thank you for the speedy delivery of my purchase! I ordered my products on Tuesday and recieved them Friday! I purchased the Silk Shake & Butter Me Up and they are dy-no-mite! I love the smell and how they make my hair feel. I washed and went after applying these and my 'fro was so soft and not greasy to the touch. Very moisturized and light, not weighed down. The representative I spoke with quickly resolved my concern and was oh-so pleasant to interact with. I am a recovering PJ, and because of my fortuitous discovery (thank you lovely ladies of YouTube) I look forward to continuing my healthy hair journey with you, Blended Beauty.

- Tonya

I just purchased the sample pack for my daughter and I love it all, especially the conditioner! It also smells great

- Alesha

Well, about five months ago, i ordered your soy cream shampoo and quench conditioner and i am beyond happy with the results your product gave my hair. The shampoo was so moisturizing that i can actually detangle my hair in it and the conditioner put the spring back into my fro'. Thank You! All my life i have had what my grandmother calls "funny" hair. It's extremely curly and nappy at the same time, dry and dense in its natural state, somewhat like hair of jewish descent but with loads of shrinage(when wet my hair loosens to about 3x its dry length). and all my life it has been a struggle to find the right moisture balance for my thirsty hair. Thank you!!! After using your products, my hair was stronger, had more luster and had definition.

Since then, your products have yet to let me down(as a die-hard product junkie i must say that no other product, not miss jessie's, not hair rules, not carol's daughter, or wen or any of the hundreds of other prodects i have tried over the last decade, have lived up to such consistant results in mississippi heat and humidity). I can touch my hair and feel how healthy it is, not a load of product. The smell of the product is nice and not so loud that bees chase me. My pillow cases are no longer greasy and your ingredients dont irritate my sensitive, eczema-prone skin. Yep, im in hair heaven.

I look forward to trying more of your product in the future and would recommend you to anybody with "fussy", "funny", "in-between" or "tempermental" hair.

- GW